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Dave Vetal

Born in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Lives & works in Pasadena, Maryland


Art is a powerful force, and I am an ardent believer in its ability to heal, both for the creator and the observer. My personal journey with art began as a dormant passion that resurfaced after a significant life event – a cardiac event in 2016. The aftermath of this event was marked by major depression and a constant quest to find meaning in my survival. Art became my lifeline, a transformative tool – rekindling my artistic passion and allowing me to channel my internal anxieties into constructive creativity but has also given me a unique perspective on the human experience.

In my work, I am driven by a deep desire to capture the spirit of my subjects and to celebrate the innate humanity that resides within all individuals. Each brushstroke, every color palette, and the interplay of light and shadow are carefully chosen to convey the essence of the people I portray. Whether it's the lines on a weathered face, the sparkle in a child's eyes, or the posture that tells a silent story, I strive to bring out the authenticity and emotional depth of my subjects.

My ongoing artistic journey has not only honed my technical skills but has also granted me a heightened sensitivity to the profound emotional impact that art can have on its audience. I am acutely aware of the power of visual storytelling, and I endeavor to create artwork that resonates with viewers on a deep, personal level. Through my art, I hope to inspire introspection, empathy, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in the diversity of human experiences.

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Hare", 12x8 in.
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